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Junky To Funky

Da Mayor

I'm Mayor DaMan. I set up this fine and funky city of Urbanville. Take some time to click around and have some fun. Don't forget to train every day and play games to earn Urbos. You can use Urbos to buy some fresh gear to equip on your Urbaniac.

You can roll through Urbaniacs as a Hero, Villain, Beatnik, Vigilante or Nomad.

Go on and get your Urb ON!

Urbanville Mayor

PS - BEWARE of GoatFist!

Da Flava

The best kind of pickle is:A troubled spot
My Battle Cry is:Urb ON!
My favorite food is:Ice Cream.
My arch enemy is:GoatFist.
I eat pizza:by folding it.


That's my Boo Tay... the ghost of funk past.