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Junky To Funky


> TwinVisibles from Mantis surrounded and pounded Henchling for 627 damage.
> Henchling is down!

Getting better every day.

New best for Cheech and Chong.


Single handedly taken out;

~ _Edge_
~ Demolisionist + Dark Falcon
~ Hebron
~ SuperSpeedyDud lol
~ Kozax (Ice cold battle)
~ Buttman *hic*
~ UnknownFear
~ The Shadow Fighter
~ MilkinKittens (tried the naked cat tactic)
~ spikeher0
~ Osmeliio (close battle)
~ T_feary
~ Richmax
~ Kleep85
~ Muckquaiker
~ Elanore_666
~ slyder91
~ aboujamradanny
~ shintarie
~ Isomaniac
~ Sir Rabbit [dressed down]
~ SuperSpongeeBungee
~ Mafiamagician
~ Diamondblade
~ Evolt
~ Gizmo_Tracer
~ Urbanmaniac [dressed down]
~ Rockin Richard
~ __Kingz__
~ Taker500
~ Dragus Loader
~ Ethan "Applesauce1" rules
~ Super Flyy (Took it like a man)



5,000th prop by Dracula
10,000th prop by Supersyco1
15,000th prop by Zeebert
20,000th prop by Rackman
25,000th prop by Rackman
30,000th prop by TunsaTheGreat
35,000th prop by Dark Oracle
36,000th prop by Love Child :)
40,000th prop by -

SELL me Your TPS!!
Yes, TPs! The higher, the better! ^___^
Ive got the urbos...

I am after mojo and defense tp's.
If you can support me with 600 mojo and 500 defense ill give you a moerse (big) reward!!!

Congratulations! You won 144,387 Urbos in the Urbanville Lottery!

Congratulations! You won 147,914 Urbos in the Urbanville Lottery!

Thanks for playing, and good luck next time!

Congratulations! You won 121,986 Urbos in the Urbanville Lottery!

Congratulations! You won an item "Worm" in the Urbanville Lottery!

Congratulations! You won an item "Health +10 Training Pass" in the Urbanville Lottery!

Congratulations! You won 178,786 Urbos in the Urbanville Lottery!

Congratulations! You won an item "Wobbie Wobblehead" in the Urbanville Lottery!

~~LivE on the PsY side of lifE!~~



Today, at last I'm not alone,
Sharing the world with people unknown
Maybe I will find you, my love
Walking through that door.

When I see you
When I feel you
I know, I'll know

I won't open my eyes to anyone,
Till you're staring back at me.
Your pretty face I know I'll know,
Just looking at you will free my soul.


Everyday the wait goes on,
I see you in my mind, I have you in my dreams.
If the sentence is life without you,
Then you must come and set me free

I'll look for you through time itself,
'Coz your pretty face, I know I'll know.