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Junky To Funky

What's up?

Who would have thought 5 years ago I'd still be coming back to this day. Crazy how much this site grows on you.


And the Number one is the Beautiful Love_Child ^_^
Where do I start? She is labeled MVP, and the nicest urb around. Being the former admin around, she has been through so much. She never gave up. I am proud of her. Her dedication is so inspiring. Everyone LOVES her. What's not to love about her?


He is a great friend and stands up for what he believes in. He might not be the strongest urb in Urbanville but he still has a big impact on people. This dude is confident in everything he does. If you invite him to an assault he is always there. He is a true homey. Prop him to your limits. He deserves it.


He has been one of the coolest urbs since I started playing. He respects people and I respect him for that. Give major props to this guy. Invite him to assaults he will come. This guy is awesome.


This guy is is epic. He will prop you till you are a beta if he wanted too. He is kind and generous and always a good friend. Give major props to this guy. And he will prop back. He is a great friend. Invite him to assaults trust me he is worth you while.