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The Maggot in the Flesh

As most of you know I'm in need of a double lung and heart transplant. Well the good news is after all the test over the last 3 weeks. I received the call this morning I'm being places on the waiting list! Yah!!

So it just a matter of time and then I'll be off for a few months. When the heart and lungs come available for me. The sad thing in all of this is someone else will have to die for me to live. I do not take that lightly. Yet I know it all part of what I must go through to live.

I want to live and be here on the site for 10 more years at least. So thanks everyone for all your kind words and prayers. They have helped me get though this year and will get me though the rest of this too.

Just on one more note. They say the average wait time is about 6 month from the time your listed. But some have receive there gift of life 3 days after being put on the list. Now it can go over 6 months to. But most of the time it does not.

So I might be around a little while longer before I get the call. But it could be quick to.




Most of you know me as the lovable MAGGOT "Villainous Emeritus" of the crime syndicate "THE FAMILY" aka "The Vile Villain leader." Is that really me? No that just the character I play in Urbanville. Over the next few weeks, maybe you can set back and learn a little about who The Maggot really is? With all the difficulties in my real life where shall we start? No matter where I start, I hope you enjoy your reading.

My real name is James and I live in Texas here in the USA. I am one of the older ones that play on this site. You cannot take the kid out of me I love it here. Nevertheless, let us get back to the task at hand telling all Urbania about the lovable MAGGOT. Well let me start where were at now and I can back up later.

I am waiting on a heart and double lung transplant. The doctors say I need it to live, man what a bummer. But I am here now and that is what counts right? And it all goes back to my birth. I was born with a hole in my heart. They thought it closed up on its on at birth but it didn't and now it has caused everything you will hear about now.

I have a condition known as "Primary pulmonary hypertension (PPH) secondary to a Congenital Heart defect." It causes me to get out of breath quick when I do just about anything physical. Therefore, I am stuck here with you people all day (WOW!) and that is cool to. I love the site it gives me something to do with my day that is so fun. I have oxygen around all the time just in case I need it. I can only walk about a good two block before I must rest boy do I feel old. I cannot do to much physical because it will put me in the bed for a few days if I over do it. So I must watch what I do physical. From walking, running, picking up heavy things, and even taking a shower is hard for me not to get winded (the Maggot character fit so well cause he don't bath, but I do!) and that is a bummer if I do say so myself.

To put it in a nutshell for you:

1) People with PPH often do not look sick.

2) PPH is high blood pressure in the lungs; it is rare, incurable, and life threating disease.

3) people of any age or ethnic background can have PPH.

4) PPH symptoms include breathlessness, dizziness and fatigue.

5) PPH can make even the most simplest task of daily living difficult

6) PPH is not contagious; you can't "get it" from someone else but can be hereditary in the gens of a parent

I am putting two web sites here that you can go to if you want to know more about my condition they sum it up pretty good.

If you made it this far I say thanks for caring!

James ~AKA~ Maggot

Learn Something!

The greatest battle of all:Will be when I take down my Arch Memesis!
My music style:Anything with a funky beat.
My Idol is:No one
My favorite sport is:Burrito tossing
My favorite Ice Cream is:Cheesy Burrito Crunch
My favorite game is:GoatFist of fury
I Love my:Spicy Burrito Maggo-Grande.
My favorite action movie is:The Tail of Two Burritos.
My Arch Nemesis is:Mr. Anderson; Slimthugga and C_B "Captain_Cruddy"
I rock Urbaniacs from:Down South in Texas where the Burrito's are made.
I eat Burritos:with my hands.
My favorite color:GREEN!
Group Affiliation:FAMILY
Crew Affiliation: None The FAMILY'S all you need
Favorite RPG Story:The Misfit Chronicles
Favorite Smell:ME... or Burrito's...
My real disposition is:Nomad
Legal Council:The_Legal_ Eagle
My twins names:Jannes and Jambres


Your a young pup, can't be a day over fifteen? Oh well I need someone to write it all down for me before that memory is gone to. So where to begin?

Well it has been over a year now since that dreaded day. Yes I do mean dreaded? You might think having certain shall we say unique abilities form the average Urbaniac would be welcome by most? Some call my story a fairy tail "Rag's to Riches." I call it "One Dreaded Day Lived for Eternity." Of course you have a right to agree or disagree I'll let you be the judge?

It was a night like any other I was just trying to make it with out death passing by, as it so often does on the lower east-side of Urbanville. For you that have lived here along time know that only the worst of the worst thugs, gangsters and street gangs run on the lower east-side.

I was an up and coming Social light here in Urbanville. I had made it big in the Urbanville Stock Market until the big crash. After that I went to my best friend Mr. Anderson for help. Just a small loan until I could get back on my feet. But as fate would have it he saw not home. If he had only been home the rest of this story would have been different. I found out later he was a way doing a benefit for Aids Research singing his bloody opera to millions. Well Mr. Anderson my "Arch Nemesis" you will pay for not being home that dreaded night in 2005!

Because of that I found myself penniless, homeless and living on the streets. Mayor_DaMan along with the City Counsel and the Hustle Alliance had in acted an ordnance to clean up the Urbanville town square and that included the park.

I had no where to lay my head and was forced to into the lower east-side. Every day brought new struggles but somehow I still survived the beating, and the general low life that called east-side there home.

Then it happened was it lady luck shinning down on me at last or was this just another cruel twist of fate? Well I'll let you be the judge of that one? See I had not eaten in about five days and there it was?

Well let me back up a little I was look for a good spot to lie down for the night when I saw it. The paper had blown along the side of an abandon building and stuck out like a sore thumb among the trash.

It was a crisp 100 Dollar Urbo. I reach down and picked it up quick hoping no one would see. And made my way to the Java Hut to get a bite to eat, man was I hungry! The low life's were all around.

This was the local hang out of the Bloody "O. C. C." I could not worry about that today lady luck had come my way and I was going get full. I went in and ordered me five burritos and a coke. I pulled out the crisp 100 dollar urbo to pay for it all.

What I did not know was the one they call Cold_Blooded had his eyes on me the whole time and saw me put the change from the urbo in my pocket. I guess I was an easy mark for the "O.C.C." I hurried out to get back to my hole to eat then sleep.

They hit from all sides the "O. C. C." was fast on my tail. I new death was coming fast because they did not play fair. One day their your friends the next day they will stab you in the back. I ran as fast as I could to get away and they were closing fast.

I had already lost my coke when I turn to see them right upon me and then it happened like a weggie tossed henchling I fell down the open man hole into the sewer below. (Place the sound of weggie tossed henchling falling down a man hole here.)

I had broken my right arm, cracked 3 ribs and the bone below my left knee was pushed up through my skin the pain was unimaginable. And I passed out.

I woke several days later with all the pain gone. I had been lying in toxic waste from the local refinery. They had been illegally dumping in the Urbanville sewer for years. It was greenish yellow and smelled something awful.

The waste had burned my body pretty bad as you can see from my picture to the left. I lost most of my body hair. But I noticed I could see in the dark like it was day, The cold had no effect on me at all quiet the opposite and if I got hurt I would heal up really fast.

But the worst was that the waste had colored my skin and the smell was embedded in my body and I knew of know way to get it out. But I was hungry so hungry like I had never eaten.

Then I saw it, the bag full of burritos. It was soaked in the green slimy waste but it was food. I pick it up and ate like a ravenous pig. But the after effects of them burrito still haunt me till this day.

After that day I can't seem to get enough burritos maybe the waste caused that to. I don't know. And with my new looks and smell I was doomed to walk the halls of the Urbanville sewers.

A year has passed and a lot more has happen since that dreaded day and I don't have the time to get into it now. I need a Burrito! So thanks for listen and good journey to all you fine upstanding citizens of Urbanville.


Meet the SIdeKick's

Robo-sidekick- Trash Receptacle

Super Charged Bucket- Shredder

Beat-Bot- Made in Japan (Mij)

Game Buddy- X-box

Worm- Snails

Moonkey- Pooper Scooper

Wobbie Wobblehead- Gigolo

Rump Roast- Pork butt

Vicious Fishious- Omen

Urbo Gato- mincemeat

Imperial Majestic Croaker- Prince Rayja

Shwolf- Luela Belle

B.wereboy- Burrito Bandito (B.B.)

Robo Pooch- Jabber Jaws

flingo- Petite Squirrel

Twins- Jannes and Jambres