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Junky To Funky

Little Urb: The Origin

I am NOT on Urbaniacs very much anymore. I found it hard to make sureI came often, and decided that since I wasn't giving the sitethe commitment it deserved, I would leave.
You might see me online now and again, but rarely.
Thanks for reading!

Little Urb: The Origin

She was left to defend for herself from a very young age. Her name was Little Urb.

After leaving the Family, she had been wandering the streets since. She never forgot the help her friends had given her, especially Summers and Kingz.

One night, she was rummaging through the bins in the dark alley way. She needed a tiny scrap of food. Anything that would give her some energy.
Then she saw it glowing behind the bin. A DSI!! She picked it up and examined it.

It shone red, lighting up the whole alleyway with an ominous glow.
Not only did it light up the alleyway, but the enemies hiding in it.

Behind another bin was a Char, eyes glowing an evil yellow. She pounced at the Char and swiped 2 times.
She stared down at it, and ran from the alleyway.

She was feeling stronger than ever, but in reality she was weak. She needed shelter, food, a friend.

Little Urb stopped outside a tall building, clad with lights and brightly coloured walls. The sign above the door said;
Funk ALT! The alternative to mundane!'

She shrugged and sat in the alley next to it, eyes drooping.
A girl walked around the corner, tall, with dark brown hair and a blunt fringe. She has a lip ring and shining eyes, with an warm smile. She was wearing paint splattered clothes, and a pencil was jammed behind her ear. Her name was Kingsland, and she belonged to Funk ALT, the Beatnik group of Urbanville.

She took Little Urb's hand and led her inside the building, introducing her to people along the way.

Kingsland led her to the kitchen and made her a meal, complete with a drink. Little Urb wolfed it down and was led to her new room. She slept all through the night, and felt revitalised.

Now she belongs to this group, thanks to Kingsland and many others. Little Urb is getting stronger by the day, and her and the Beatniks are on their way to greatness!

Yes, Little Urb is me. And I'm loving every second of it.

Little_Urb; Extra Things

OK, so I'm looking for TP's
If you have any for sale in the Swap Meet and you are willing to sell them at reasonable prices, please Urbo Gram me!

At the moment I need the following items. These are the prices I will pay:

Wing-A-Ding-Ding: 350k
Killdeath: 300k
Girl rollerblades: 200k

Thanks you's:

Summers, thanks for all the help, for everything you've done. Props, gear, advice everything. I really appreciate it :D

Kingsland. Thanks for sticking by me through thick and thin sis! Thanks for directing me to the LoS and this website full stop =]

Thanks for everything, once again haha. You have helped me greatly on this website and overall.

Little Urbs Survey

Who is better?