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Junky To Funky

Villainous Tendencies

Here are a few things I find myself doing that are probably why I chose to be a villain in the first place.

1. I always try and take out Righteous Rachel with my Super Duper Might. Something about punching a little girl in the lunch makes me laugh.

2. I use old enemies that don't play anymore for dissing fodder. Dissing has never been so fun!

3. I rate the artwork in the gallery very harshly. If it looks like my 3 year old niece drew it, chances are that it got a 1. (I'll give credit when it's due though.)

4. I diss people that send urbograms asking for the gear or body parts I'm currently wearing. I don't even give an explanation unless they ask for it.

5. I steal items from people that can't steal them back. That'll teach ya to stop using the old school sidekicks!

6. I play crazy games like this:


My favorite food is:Pizza.
My favorite band is:Cake
I rock urbaniacs from:Milwaukee
I graduated from!:UW-Milwaukee
I\'m currently listening to:mc chris
I am:A Pirate Ninja!
Date of Birth:4-29-1985
Favorite Urbaniacs:Kissthis, Zoomer_McTraveller, Maggot(R.I.P.), goddess_de_nocturne
I am part of:The Family
My sidekick is:Whisper
Catch Phrase in Battle:Punch To The Lunch!

My Sidekick!


She sneaks up behind you like a thief in the night

Snatchin' off your bras and wrecking children's kites

She's a mean sidekick fighter that'll scare off your Gato's fur

When you can't touch me in my battles curse the name of Whisper!

The Quest(Completed)

I've completed my quest of becoming a beta tester! I owe many thanks to many urbs that helped me get to 10,000 props! I also have beaten Sparky by myself (with a little deady bear help)! My next quest shall start now! I think I'll work at being able to beat Kelvin by myself. I'll see about GoatFist after that.