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Junky To Funky


NOT BUYING OR SELLING BODY PARTS OR ITEMS! please do not bother mailing me on this subject.

i want superpower TP's, offering 500k per +5 sp TP. mail me if interested.


> Johnny_Alpha busts into Warp Drive... who'd he pummel? You Don't Know! Char loses 1012 health.
> Char is down!


Johnny Alpha's life changed dramatically after being bitten by a radioactive cheese.
In panic, he fled instinctively (who wouldn't?) and when he skidded to a halt, found that he'd ran 200 miles in a fraction of a second.
Angered at being startled by the cheese, he ran back the way he had came, only to discover the cheese was gone.
Had it been blown apart by the sonic boom Johnny had created upon leaving? Could it have teleported away? Or was it... even quicker than Johnny Alpha?
The cheese's unknown abilities were worrying, but Johnny Alpha shook his fist at the sky, and declared unending war upon his arch-enemy, The Cheese.
To this very day, he still searches...


Fear the monkey!

His name is Mad Macho Monkey, or 3M to his homies. Give him respect, or give him a banana - its all the same to this crazy little deviant.

Now fear the pig! I won him on the lottery!
Hah! That'll teach the monkey a lesson! Maybe now he has some competition the useless creature will start trying harder.

The pig is Nikolai, Ukrainian by birth, Urbanian by choice. He likes peach Schnapps and Ace of Base.
He tells me no more, for he was silenced by the KGB.

Finally i have a decent sidekick - say hi to Aargh! - my pet sizzle.
His name is Aargh! because thats the noise i make when i try to pat his head

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War! What is it good for?