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Junky To Funky

My Home


My home is the street.

Joboo's Mojo

My favorite game is:Live Action Wedgie Toss. But the people in my neighborhood may beg to differ.
My favorite action movie is:Sorority Babes In the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama. Bowling + action + sorority babes = happy Joboo.
My arch enemy is:Escargot. The Frech are nuts to have created this.
I love the smell of:Pain. Smells like Tribal Storm.
I like to:Freestyle Jello wrestle. Advance the fine arts y'all.
My Battle Cry is:You're not my real mom!
My Idol is:Billy?
My favorite funky power is:My ability to accurately assess the age of anything in the fridge.
The greatest battle of all time is:Dan vs Dave.
I eat pizza:While dancing on the graves of my defeated foes.
My favorite food is:Escargot. I'm a complicated man
I rock Urbaniacs from:A fetal position on rainy days that end in the letter 'Y'.
The best kind of pickle is:That talking one from Veggietales. He slays me.