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Junky To Funky

News: Newbies

Hey All ya All new urbs...hehehe

Best way to get started..
check the forums go to new urbaniacs
Do: Play the games, collect urbs & tps,
Do: deposit your urbos into the bank
Do: collect interest on your urbos DAILY if you don't you will lose that days interest
Do: Train Daily
Do: Play the Lottery Daily
Do: List the stuff you are looking for and how much you will pay or what you will trade for them.

Don't: ASK for ANYTHING or invite folks in to a battle and start asking...
I have seen the ugly side of urbaniac and it because of those things..
It's always better if someone OFFERS you things cuz they see you're cool etc.

Mainly don't be in a hurry, like real life work for the stuff you want. Relax and have FUN X)

This is a GREAT SITE with soooo many Awesome Urbs!!!



My Battle Cry is:Now What?!!!
My 2nd Battle Cry is:This is just a GAME!!!
I eat pizza:after the guys are done and if there\'s any left! LOL
I love to smell:coffee
I rock Urbaniacs from:A few blocks from the Atlantic Ocean USA
My sidekick\'s name:IRS
Where is Mooshoo?:As of 10/28/08 in heaven with my Keenan
Where is Jinx?:Chillin with Scoobydoo


I've have the honor to be a cheerleader for the FACE CREW!
Woo Whooo!
well since I've never been one to be a "rah rah"! and have never thought of a cheer... unless it's before a drink..heheheh
So I will have to think of one..
I can smell the smoke coming out of my
This actually goes against my vigi disposition.
Check back to see what I come up with..or don't .. it's up to you X)