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Junky To Funky

Spread the Urb!

My fellow Urbaniacs,

Its time to get to work!

Urb NEEDS members.. not money, not price of gear, not TP ratios changed... JUST Members, Members, Members!

How are you going to spread the word today?

I don't care if your a Hero, Vigi, Nomad etc... it doesn't matter to me as long as you are fighting for Urb you will have mad respect from me and so many others here on Urb.

So what are you willing to do to keep Urb alive and well? For those of us who love this place, the answer is easy... the task is simple, right? Tell your friends... tell strangers... tell anyone who will listen... thats it!

So who did you tell about Urb today? Let me know!

All of your ideas have been great, but none of it means anything if you don't do something about it. I think what I am saying is, the time for talk is over... get out there and spread the Urb guys... lets do this!!! We CAN do this!

To learn more about the fight go here:

We want to hear from you!!
Iso's Wall of Mad Respect

This Space is reserved for the names of all the Urbs that are fighting for Urbaniacs and deserve Mad Props for their Efforts!

~Afro_Chic as alwasy! Much Props!
~Lovely Love_Child

If your not on the list and deserve to be, don't worry, I will get to you...

Fool List

If you are on this list, you are a FOOL!

My fellow Urbaniacs be careful when dealing with these people!

Why?? For one or more of the following reasons-

You are...
1) a spammer!
2) are a Liar!
3) are a Cheat!
4) just REALLY annoying!

I am not saying "DISS" these people just because they annoy me in particular, what I am saying is don't feel guilty if you do "Diss" them ;) Haha

*Disclaimer* Iso Inc. Highly recommends that you form your own judgement and by no means encourages the "dissing" or "harassment" of the following Urbs.

Iso's Fools List:

~000001 - 0000014 etc.

Want to get off this list? Just shape up! Don't care if your on this list? Good, just keep doing what your doing :P


Did I just Diss you and now you are wondering why?

Feeling like you didn't deserve it and demand to know what happened?

Well guess what newb, if I dissed you, then you did something to deserve it.

Here are some examples:

~Iso's Original Diss List~

1. Posted something you have for sale in someone elses trade thread. This is just greedy and rude.

2. Spammer. You spam someones thread, you get dissed.

3. Invited me to an assault and then disappeared??!! DISS!

4. Continue to bump your thread all day long. Ahem, annoying! DISS!!

5. Post the same thread over and over! Yeah... diiiiisssss!

6. Ask me to buy my Body Parts. Leave my body alone! DiSS!

7. Maybe you were just reeeeally annoying in a topic. Diss!

8. Prop Begging... 2 disses!

9. Trying to smack talk Big Dogs... Diss!

10. Leave in the middle of an assualt cuz your mama called you for dinner... enjoy those fishsticks and enjoy this DISS!!

11. Telling people you are quitting just so they will buy your stuff!! Triple DISS!!

12. Dissed me because your a newbie or multi-accounter trying to flex your stuff? Guess what? A GOATFIST SIZED DISS coming your way. Thats -25 props!

13. iz dis da way u lik 2 typ? Well, then enjoy "dis" Diss!

... to be continued


9 Reasons to be a villain.

1. You will have more friends
Peter Parker was a social outcast. Norman Osborne was the popular kid. Reed Richards was a dorky scientist. Victor Von doom was a rich socialite. Anyone else sensing a pattern here? Everyone wants to get a little piece of the evil. It is like Starburst.

2. You get to laugh maniacally
Good guys dont get to do this. No one has ever heard Superman or Batman laughing like a maniac and no one ever will. Trust me, this is something everyone wants to do. It is strangely liberating. While you may pass chances to do this every once in a while during your civilian life, you will never get the quantity of opportunities that come with a career in villainy.

3. All of a sudden, you will have the budget for all kinds of toys
Super bad guys are never broke. Not only are they never broke but they always have more resources than the hero could ever hope for. Apparently the villain racket pays very well. It also seems to be recession-proof. I hear the tax breaks are good too.

4. Hot chicks dig evil guys
You never see an evil villain with a busted woman. Sure, they may be dirty, rotten, and out to steal your empire, but you can always freeze them if they get out of hand.

5. You will be safe from everyday accidents
Evil villains are never killed in car accidents. It just doesnt happen. You wont slip in the shower, get smashed by a falling piano, or die of food poisoning. The only way you can be killed is in an explosion created by the hero by exposing the one flaw in your plan that no one could ever possibly foresee.

6. You dont have to worry about anyone killing you
Evil Villains simply can not be killed. People may think you are dead but you will secretly be lounging in an easy chair on your secret desert island hideout planning your next caper. The only way you can be taken out is by another villain eviler than yourself who will subsequently take over your identity and continue upon your path of world domination.

7. You can kill anyone you want
You wont go to jail. For some strange reason, cops never come to bust Evil villains at their homes even when the evidence is overwhelming. You could kill Superman on a live video feed in front of the entire planet and not one cop would try to arrest you. They cant even arrest you for the stash of plutonium you have in your shed. It is in the charter when you join the union.

8. You get to dress how you want
You never have to wear a suit and tie again. You can even dress in the most outrageous outfits while demanding the world bow to your demands and no one will even make the slightest of snide comment. This could have something to do with the fact that you can kill anyone you want and cant be killed back. Remember, no one ever made fun of Magnetos helmet.

9. No matter how weak you are, you will be more than a match for any hero facing you
But Iso, Batman would kick my @#$%! None of that matters. The sheer newness of your evil plot will confuse the hell out of any good guy. As long as you arent doing something that has been done to death (ie goblin themed villains) you should have no problem getting your plans off the ground.