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Junky To Funky


Hey im not playing this game anymore at all as u can see with my low states with my days of playing, soo good luck urbaniacs
Currently still looking for - Female glow back gear / Sucka sidekick / Dubble infection staff female / Dubble batty rang.
Currently playing online games: Perfect world internatinal (MMRPG game) so don't have much time for this game anymore

April: First Place on all Wall Of Heroes

Congratulations Invader_Zim! You've won THEWORM! (Lottery) April 10th 2011

Head: 322+399+362+468+299
Body: 271+234+249+270+180
Legs: 294+286+283+287+229

Sidekicks owned: Deady Bear. Kill Death. Sizzle,
Weapons: Urborang, C-U Sabe-her,

~~~~~~~~~~Thank you Props~~~~~~~
Thanks >Euphyllia< for my 2500th prop.
Thanks >Dark_Angel2009< for my 2800th prop
Thanks >Lich_King< for my 3000th prop
Thanks >SilverFlame< for my 3200th prop
Thanks >Camden< for my 3400th prop