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Junky To Funky

What's 'Sup?!

Yo Homey!

My Name is Inside_Scoop, your writer for the Urbaniacs Chronicles.
Me and my fellow colleague Urbrey_Porter, will be hitting you up in each issue, with the latest stories, contests, news, gossip... anything!

Now, i just cant count on myself and Urbrey_Porter to keep up with the issue's, so we will need your help here and there just to write something up!

Bye for now,


Hey Homeys!

Now you want to be in the prestigious Urbaniacs Chronicles?
Well all you have to do is go the Chronicles page and send in a story! The more the merrier!

If your stuck on ideas, just holla and ill help you out!

Your Boy,

Hey Homeys!

i have recently be appointed as an assistant to Love_Child on We are in motion of updating everything, so keep an eye out for new updates!

Now if your stuck on something, or need to check up on some gear or maybe just want to see the latest urb news! Check out, the only fan site, which aims to help and support Urbaniac players!

So what you waiting for? Go take a look!