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Junky To Funky

Whats Upppp

1000prop...most likly Montgomery but dont acctually remember :-p
2000prop MitchKelly Thank ya
3000prop MitchKelly again haha
4000prop Mongomery...for sure this time :-p
5000 Big Dog Prop Jay_Rawker


Also up in trades are some random knick nacks
And also looking for Sp Tps message me if u are selling some :)
if your new and having a hard time getting a hold of gear let me no and ill do what i can to help ya
The Only items i want are Strong Char body parts

My Pet

The Deady Bear Formally Known As Deady Bear Will Now Go By The Name Diesel, Diesel The Deady Bear


I Play xbox 360 live my gamertag is Halfwaychicken add it if u play Call Of Duty or Halo or i may be getting red dead redemption