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OMG :O I wrote this almost 5 years ago... :D
Hi all! / Szia mindenkinek!

Hakka uses Space Out to make Sam Loyal cluck like a chicken! Sam Loyal loses 1110 health!
> Sam Loyal is down!

Hakka uses Space Out to make Henchling cluck like a chicken! Henchling loses 1214 health! Henchling is spaced...
I think maybe this is the first bilingual lair on this maybe makes it a little bit special. =)It's other language is Hungarian.^^ Unfortunately, i can't use accentuated letters...and i replaced them with letters without accent, so i hope it'll be ok. ///// Pechemre, nem haszalhatok ekezetes helyettesitettem oket ekezet nelkuliekkel, igy remelem ok lesz. Ugy gondolom talan ez az elso ketnyelvu profil az urbaniacson....szoval ez talan egy kicsit kulonlegesse teszi. =)

My name is Molnar Hajnalka, i can translate it into English, it's Dawn Miller: Molnar= Miller, Hajnalka= Dawn. You can call me on my nick name Hakka.///// A nevem Molnar Hajnalka, amit (szerencsere) angolra is le tudok forditani: Dawn Miller. Szolithattok a becenevemen, ami Hakka.

I'm 17 years young..cos i think that i'm not old.... :D. ///// 17 eves vagyok....(es nem forditom tovabb ezt a mondatot, mert nem lenne ertelme magyarul draga kis poenomnak...:D)

I'm from Hungary, and i live in the second largest city called Debrecen.///// Magyarorszagon elek, es a masodik legnagyobb varosban ^lakok, Debrecenben. (Bar aki ezt megerti annak nem kell ezt a reszt magyarazni...:P:D)

My family: I have my mum and dad, and two sisters.....I like them very, very, very much!!!!^^ You can find my sisters on urbaniacs, their alter egos are: Szanime and Elivencia14. I have a cat, a very cute red cat. His name's Marcipan, which mean marzipane in English. He's as sweet as his name shows.///// Csaladom: Van az anyum, apum es 2 hugom.....nagyon, nagyon, nagyon szeretem oket!!!!!^^ A hugaimat is meg talalhatod urbaniacson, az alter egoik: Szanime, es Elivencia14. Van egy macsekom, egy nagyon cuki voros macskuszom. A neve Marcipan, es olyan cuki, ahogy azt a neve is mutatja.
If you have any question just send me an urbogram./////Ha van valami gondod dobj egy urbogramot. :)


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