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Junky To Funky

You Should Know...


If you prop me, I'll prop you back. At times, it may take me a while to get caught up, so if you get a random prop from me two weeks later, that's probably why. Anyone who's played this game for a while understands the Prop Cycle[TM], and that's what I do.

Homey Requests:

I do not accept random homey requests, so if I turn you down, please don't take it personally. Before I will accept a request from you, we need to have battled together a few times or at least exchanged UrboGrams.

If today is your first day on the site:

Please don't send me a request. I want you to understand it's nothing personal. I get a lot of homey requests, and most of them are from people who join, play for a couple days, and then never return. I'll be more than happy to exchange props with you and help you reach the 100 you need to participate in battles. If you're still active on the site in a month, send me a request again, and I'll probably accept. :)

Trivial Pursuits

I rock Urbaniacs from:Sunny South Florida
My Battle Cry is:Let's beat him like a pinata and see if TPs fall out!
The greatest battle of all time is:Clorox vs. those really pesky, ground-in stains
My arch enemy is:Dr. Scholl *snicker*
My favorite funky power:My winning smile?
I eat pizza:as often as I can.
My Idol is:American? Billy? How about a golden calf?
My favorite action movie is:The Matrix