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Junky To Funky


There was a old couple living in their farm,they don't have kids yet.One night they saw a huge meteor that struck in their barn.They went outside to look at it and they cant believe what they just saw.They saw a baby the crying so loud,the couple don't know what to do with the child,so they planned to keep the child and named it Floopy.As Floopy turn to 5 years old the couples know everything with Floopy and they know that he has powers.The couples decided to put Floopy to school,Floopy always thought that he's the only one who have special,but it turns out he's not the only one.One day in school Floopy was studying in the school's playground and then five guys come near him and punch him and Floopy fell on the ground,the other guy was gonna kick him in the face and one guy showed up and block's the bully's kick and protected Floopy and he's name is Dragus Toader.