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Junky To Funky

A little about me:

I View Urbaniacs from::Oklahoma, USA
My Organization::RenRaku Inc.
My Rival::Maggot
Favorite Food & Dessert::Seafood & Orange Sherbet Ice Cream

My Origin And Organization

Hello Reader, my name is Enaki Renraku, Founder and CEO of RenRaku Inc., the newest Villian empire that took it's roots in Urbanville. We had bumpy beginnings, and tough challenges to face, but we did it with pride, and eventually, we made success. Besides being an evil corparation, we also do other jobs here (You have to do something to keep up with enhancements, right?). Our company invents various machines, from vehicles, to weapons of mass destruction, an attorney's office, and even a small seafood restruant. We have our weekly meetings when we can, and we do our best to take over the world our own way, since The Family has GoatFist, and an army of Super Villians at their disposal, and all I have is a Evil Staff of officiers ready to join the fight. So I accepted that I was the lesser villian (For the moment), and decided to take it one step at a time.

As for my Origins.....

My humble beginnings started at St. Charles Youth Center. I was an orphan who did not know anything about my own parents, and so, I was to stay here until I was adopted. I kept waiting for quite some time, and watched as other children now had Families of their own, but not I, so I decided to not get into any serious trouble and mischef, until I myself, had a Mother or Father (heck, maybe even both) of very own.

Three days later, I was adopted by a woman named Ms. Kusabana, and after all the paperwork and adoption forms were completed, I now had a mother at the age of eight. It was a long drive to my new home, so I decided to talk to her for little while, she was actually quite nice, and she looked very nice, even for a woman who looked liked she was twenty or so. I was amazed once we finally went to our home, a huge wide open plains for a backyard, a three story mansion, and I think I could even see a mountain WAY in the back from our house. However, my next few years would be a little tough, but it made me who I was today.

For the past six years, I learned various new things about the world, and enhanced my own being in the care of my mother, Ms. Kusabana. I've completed difficult puzzles and did schoolwork with a tutor, learned how to fight, defend, and create small gadgets from my mother, and also learned how to become a great cook. I also learned about the various super-powers that others have gained in Urbanville. In the next 4-5 years, I became well versed in martial arts, able to defend, speak my mind freely, able to cook 4-Star Meals, became a puzzle master, and was able to create various new gadgets and equipment, and I even gained a new friend: A powerful fish named Mr. Abashi. I learned many things that would take me a while to finish, but I learned many things. My most important thing to learn was my superpower. Since I had no current superpower of my own, my mother sent me on a quest to the mountain side to gain a sacred item: The Kanuki Tiki, a powerful item that could give the user powers. And so, with Mr. Abashi, equipment and supplies for a long trip, and a tracking computer, I sent off after The Kanuki Tiki.

The journey was rough, and I used nearly all my skills to come near the Tiki, fighting off beastly Henchlings also searching for the Tiki, using cooking skills to make various meals, and using my tracking abilities to leave a trail and find my way to the Kanuki Tiki. I finally reached the Tiki, but no matter how I held it, or how I used it, I could not unleash it's power onto me. So, I came back home to ask my mother how to use it. She gave me instructions to set up a ritual to activate the power of the Tiki. The ritual took over an hour, but the power was surging everywhere that I could feel. Then all of a sudden, the power came to me, then started to levitate me into the air, showing me all it's power and abilities. After 10 minutes, I was on solid ground, but I felt different, and I looked different. My hair was long and spiky that it reached the lower part of my hips and it seemed that it would grow more and more. And I noticed that the Tiki disappeared and I had a tattoo of the Tiki on my chest.

(Bio 78-82% done, be patient)

So far, So Good

it looks like I'll be here to stay for a little while (Until the next semester starts up). But either way, it's a good day to be evil!