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Junky To Funky


Urbaniacs is dying but I still love to play it, and talk to the locals. With rockin richard very brilliant plan, I think we can bring the Urbaniacs back.


Well I started as an urb in February 11 2021 at Magic_shadow's Rap battle

My nationality is Filipino and I live in the Philippines.

Favorite artist is Bruno Mars. But my favorite song is You belong with me by Taylor Swift.

Currently have 14,322 Urbos

Thanks to Dragus Loader to 100th props!! :)

Thanks to Armand_Hammer for 200th props!! :)

Thanks again to Armand_Hammer for 300th props!! :)

First Reply

Man your not rapping
Your just talking
Man your the Queen of losing
And Im the king of winning
Your such a fish
I can make you my dish
While hanging up with a leash!!

My first reply is in the Magic_shadow's rap battle, I reply to Floopy's rap at the time (2:03 pm in our time) 2:03 am