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Junky To Funky

Sidekick message

Irene:"Have you heard the news and read the 200th Chronicles?"

Katsuie:"Huh what is it lady Irene?"

Corroder:"I guess we all want to know..."

Irene:"I just happened to notice that the yearbook results were released."


Christmas:"Yes and???"

Irene:"Dragus is a winner in two catagories."

*All the rest of the sidekicks start celebrating.*

Irene:"For this joyous occasion I guess we'll have to keep it calm. Though we can still have a party."

Story of Dragus Loader

Dragus Loader was trained as three things while growing up a business man, a ninja and a arms expert. He was a member of the Robespierre foundation before joining urbanville. Dragus left the powerful organization on personal terms. But will use cunning along with equipment knowledge to take the fight to his opponents before relying on Hero aid. Along with that Dragus loves a good torture show when he is practicing (Details will be excluded for R content). When Dragus enjoys strolls through the slums helps him clear his mind.

Dragus so far has eluded the foundations Hit crews so far. Yet he has yet to face an old friend. The nickname of DL's Old Friend is the Professor other than the fact of her crimson hair, her saphire blue eyes and her over 300 IQ not much is know about her. Her, DL, PC, and martial were chosen to do a chemical study to see what would happen to different people. During the experiment the chemicals exploded. Due to the fact the Chemicals explosion DL lost a big part of his power and memories along with unique new ones. DL is regaining his memories piece by piece.


B. Wereboy:Ranmaru
Twinvisibles:Kurau and Christmas
Kill Death - The Happy Fun Ball:Leeroy
The Grub:Burrito-Maggot
Cocky Doodle:Harry
Deady Bear:Katsuie Shibata
Binicorn:Excel Excel
Yo bot:Gillium
Balloon Giraffe:pops
Beatbot:Dot Matrix
Quasi Mojo:Azel
Yo Dodo:Paulie
Robo Daman:Rock
Don't Ask:For one of my Sidekicks
If You Ask:You WILL BE dissed
Especially don't ask for:Irene and Ranmaru I will diss you more if I feel like it.

Theme song

T.M. Revolution's Meteor in English

They touch, although with icy fingertips
Illuminated by the frozen moon

My flawed heart still embraces the night, even as it burns out
That feeling that glittered off in the distance for a split-second - If it's love, I'll try for that vision

The light is freed and falls through the sky, sacrificing its warmth only for hope
The flame that's born of dying starts burns on in this, my final dream

If the sin that falls and covers everything turns to kindness, and if a thorn could become a smile

Like the unheard scream of a flower before it falls
The pain that searches for the fragility of a prayer stirs the period when the two of us met

The grief and the light are swallowed up by the waves, and in the midst of all this pain, you awaken
This bond that could be created because we were hurt is beginning to paint over the loneliness

Pouring my life into this; with whatever wings you have left - I'm begging you, please wrap me up in them
The light again falls though the sky, sacrificing its warmth only for hope
This mistake caves in and comes to an end, and my final dream continues on