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Junky To Funky



Wall of Heroes: 1st place in EVERY CATEGORY OF JANUARY 2007!
Urbaniac of the day: It was really long ago don't remember.
Lottery Won:
Reached 40,000 props on 28th January 2007. The prop was by Slimthugga. Thanks mate.
Reached 45,000 props on 27th October 2007 and it was by Manu_14, thanks :).
> Yee-Haa! Dabest blazes Trigger thumbs and catches Sunlord waaaay off guard! That's gonna scar! Sunlord loses 968 health.
> Sunlord is down!
> Dabest attacked Johnny Law and did 474 damage. OUCH! Johnny Law gets confused by Dabest's Saber Verde. Dabest's Quasi Mojo also joined in on the beatdown for another 24 damage.
> Johnny Law is down!
Highest Hit(SP-Trigger Thumb): 968
Highest Hit(Urbo-saber) : 474
Highest Hit(Sidekick) : 52

Group Affiliation : HA.
Original Disposition: Hero
Also Known As : MEEEPER!.


About Me...

Don't forget to....:Look at my page 3. "Me"
My Battle Cry is:Meeeeeeep
My arch enemy is:The_Sorrow
My favorite sport is:Soccer/Futball
Favourite Show:Friends
Favourite Game:Star wars Battlefront 2, Pro evolution Soccer 6, and loads....
My favourite Football team is:Manchester United
I eat pizza:With a knife and fork... duh!
The greatest battle of all time is:King Kong Vs. Godzilla
My Idol is:Mayor DaMan
I rock Urbaniacs from:The Future
My favorite action movie is:Star Wars.
My Sidekick's name is:DaNinja.
My favorite food is:Pizza.


I won't be on as much on Urbaniacs as i used to...because it is getting a bit boring here...not many people are here to do battles or post that much in forums...and there isn't much new stuff coming out. Now that i don't come on much im sorry if i don't reply to your messages or i haven't given your props back..i'm sorry because i have over 100 messages and i don't get time to prop them back so i'm sorry. So for now..Bye people and thanks for the props and love so far..thanks.


I am Dabest...a very helpful person..if you want any thing ask me but make sure you don't ask me for URBOS because then i will DISS you but before DISSING you i will give you one chance and then i will.

I will always help you in assaults..

If i am not able to come that is because i am in another battle or assault or i am not on the computer..thanks.

I had football (Soccer) after school and guess what....? i pulled my muscle AGAIN but this time on my other leg :((((((( i hate that feeling the time when it's like hell!
It snowed again where i live and when i went to school it was sooooooooo sooooo white i couldn't believe it! When i got to school i saw people making BIG and i really mean it REALLY BIG snowballs and there were like 300 people on the big field and every one was having SNOWBALL FIGHTS! It was so fun that day i cannot say..and i hit soo many people and i got couple of girls too and they were hit so HARD i cannot tell u by my of them wasn't even wearing a jacket:P
Then that day the school was closed aswell because of the was just GREAT!

I am looking to trade on Swap meet...

I am looking to trade my HEAD, BODY and LEGS for some one else's who had EVIL EYE or TRIBAL STORM or maybe ICE SCREAM. Remember i want ONE SP not 2 or 3 they also need to be the stats i have right now or around there. I will add some urbos if you want and if you are interested please Urbo gram me. Thanks.

I love to.......

Meep it Meep it, you like to Meep it Meep it , she like to Meep it Meep it , He like to Meep it Meep it we like to.......MEEP IT!.


This 4th page is dedicated to the one and only Maggot.....who will be missed here in the game in the real world and mostly in our hearts, i cannot say what type of a person he was....kind, caring, helpful these are just some words that describe 0.1% of him and i can't explain the other 99.9% of him because i have no words to do so.

Maggot you will be missed :)

My prayers are with you and your family.

Maggot RIP.