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Junky To Funky

Rise of the CrimsonKing

I am the CrimsonKing. I suffer no fools, I have no patience for stupidity. I can be your best friend, or your worst nightmare - the choice is yours.

I walk these streets alone. I have no allegiance to any organization, for I see no organizations that are worthy.

The Family is dead. We tried for some time to animate its corpse, and act like it was still viable, but we were wrong. It would be better for its legacy for it to recognize this, and disband as an organization.

Things change, the new replaces the old. I would encourage the villainous to continue forward, and create something new in its place. Let the past rest in peace.

Grump This.

Gear for Sale!


I am not selling anything. Ever.
Ask me, and i will find you, and slowly cut you into Beef Stew chunks.
Seriously, I will hurt you. Then Diss your corpse.