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Junky To Funky


"I was only a young buck coming up on Urbanville. I saw hero Scum everywhere, the thought makes me gagg. It's pathetic.. They always win when destuction would serve them right. So I would serve it to them, and sadly in this village, it began all too easy."


I am the bug in your head. I am the noise in your beathe. I am the turmoil in you heart. I am Cold_Blooded. When you see me, you cannot ignore me. Because when you turn around, I am still here. The Family is my unwanted child. They're the hideous mirror I look at everyday. And even my own reflection casts me out! Pain is my voice, and I love its language. Please hurt me, so that I can grow. When Urbanville was almost mine, Maggot (may God rest his soul) took it from me. His name is now forever idolized. And now I am a discrace. Oh, but how beautiful of a thing. Wherever DaMan does not cast his shadow, I own urbanville. But no longer through dictatorship. All have failed to see IT, but all who've felt me, felt IT. Am I still in nagging your mind? Am I not the one you shun? I love pain. Open your mind and heart to me. Say something, so that I can tell you that I love you too.


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