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Junky To Funky


RIP Maggot :-(


Do NOT ask me for body parts, gear, or Urbos.

If I have anything that I don't want, it will be listed in the swap meet. But if I have it, it's generally because I want it.

Everyone has had to take the time to play and build up their characters. I will offer to help out those I know when I can, but please don't ask me if you can have something that is not listed for sale.


Robo-Pooch: Cujo Chompers - the Iron-pawed, Iron-jawed K9

Nadia: Mynx Kitty

DragonNess; Tiny

Alpaca Da Rappa: Gasol

Sucka: Sonny (aka Sonar)

Binicorn: Shade/Luminous

Rump Roast 2 Mo Bacon: Pigasus

Cat Bites

My Idol is:River Song
My favorite Ice Cream flavor is::Anything with chocolate
My favorite funky power is:Invisibility.
My Battle Cry is:ROOOWWWWRRRR!
My arch enemies are::Idiots who who invite me to throw downs or beg for urbos and gear.
I rock Urbaniacs from:Burbank, CA


Magic And Cat's TP Shop!

Magic_shodow and I have teamed up to bring you TPs.

We restock everyone week, And if you place an order, we will do our best to get on it.

TP Prices:

All +5 TPs are now 100,000 URBOS.

If you are a newbie and interested in any of the items below, message me.

Sweet Cape - back gear
Urbo Gato - sidekick
Elephantic -head
Ms. Mace - gadget
Femme Fatale Scythe - gadget
Red Bat Wings - back gear
Cape-a-Cabana - back gear
Cape Dred - back gear