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Junky To Funky

Carveus, Mistress of the Night

Yes, I am Carveus.

The original vampire, Lady of the Undead, Queen of Darkness.

And dirt poor and bad stats due to too much time in my coffin.

Thank you for props, and Urbograms. I'm getting around to answering them all.

So for now, I bid you farewell, and watch your neck.

About Me

The greatest battle of all time is:Dracula Vs. The Wolfman
My music stlye ranges from:Hard rock to heavy metal to opera.
My Idol is:Dr. Frankenstein
My favorite Ice Cream flavor is::meat
My favorite game is:Urbaniacs
My favorite funky power is:Mind Control.
My favorite food is:Blood.
My favorite action movie is:Underworld.
My arch enemy is:A fluffy kitten.
I rock Urbaniacs from:Romania
I love to smell:blood.


Deep in the heart of Wallachia a girl was born.

The niece of the greatest warlord and ruler their country had ever known, she moved to Urbanville to see life at its fullest, and to feast on the blood of those who inhabited it.

Briefly involved in Villian politics, she remained a vigilante for some time, before finally returning to her true calling as a villian.

And so she is, lurking in the night shadows, feeding on those who cross her path. Loyal to her friends, and vengeful to any that cross her...

My Family

Whilst I am a member of the FAMILY, I also have my own little family of vampires here on Urbaniacs.

Of the Clan of Dracul thus far:

Carveus -- Head of clan, niece of Vlad Dracul.

Korune -- First Bride, turned my Carveus. She is a good few centuries younger than her mistress, but still rather old... Though she doesn't act it. But she has a temper you wouldn't believe and loses control and rages, savagely attacking like a beast.

Stormie_Angel -- Second Bride, turned by Korune before permission was given from Carveus, but has since been accepted so long as she'll be Carveus' second bride.

Dzhelasi -- Third Bride, turned by Carveus. Not much is know about her as of yet.

manutd -- kiddy vampire/everyone's little nephew of sorts/the "baby" of the group/everyone's charge pretty much. He loves to dress people in pink and is a little prankster.

Lycaneye -- Formerly sired by another unknown weaker vampire. Was welcomed into the group as Korune's lover and has thus established blood-ties with the family. Became married with Korune through their vampiric ties. But then was turned human by Leopold... So is no longer tied in the family and thus no longer the husband of Korune for their marriage was bound the vampiric way.

crazy_azn_bd_lover -- A little adopted/turned daughter of Korune and Lycaneye. Since all of the drama with her parents, she has grown closer to her "Uncle Rack-Attack". Before being turned, she was an orphan.

SormiesLilGurl -- Stormie_Angel's Daughter. Biological when both were alive, and Stormie_Angel got permission to make her a vampire.

cjl -- A young vampire in training, turned by Carveus. He doesn't drink blood and is very mentally unstable and disturbed.

Dzhelasi -- Our newest member, information to come later.


rackman -- Long time best friend of Korune's. Like a brother to her. Though he has feelings for her, he keeps them to himself and is content to protect her and he loved ones. Is usually one to pop in and out of the scene, but cares deeply for the little clan, especially his niece crazy_azn_bd_lover with whom he comforts when she's upset. You never know when he'll show up to help save the day.

Thanatos5150 -- A fire elfin warrior. Ally to the clan, and fast mutual growing affections between Korune.

PDL -- And elfin-vampire. Former lover of Korune while she was still a very young vampire. He's older than her. They broke up because Korune felt the need to chase down someone for revenge against killing her mortal family. They still have emotional ties to each other, but for the most part, they've gotten over each other. Sometimes there is tension though for he was Korune's first love.

batista -- A day protector of the clan. Human. ((any character info would be nice please))

simbob -- A day protector of the clan. ((any character info would be nice please))

Breaker -- An ally of the clan and day protector. ((any character info would be nice please))

shade_king -- Ally. Possessed by shade demons. Another day protector of sorts. ((any further info would be nice please if there is any))

Dark_Altar -- Stormie_Angel's biological werewolf son before she turned vampire. VERY loyal to the clan and VERY protective. Got permission to be a day protector.

Short_skater175 -- crazy_azn_bd_lover's birthday present from her mommy and daddy. He's her pet werewolf and a day protector.

aq1993 -- An ally of the clan and day protector.

I am willing to turn others, I am still short of one Bride, although there is a very thorough vetting process first.

If you wish to become a creature of the night, then please urbogram me.