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Junky To Funky

Behind the Mask

Returning to this place makes me so nostalgic but I feel empty having formed so many bonds but seemingly losing most of them over time.

I spent years on here, using my imagination with you all. I made some good friends and also lost some friends whom I didnt' get to say goodbye to.

For all those interested, if you want to find me, my name is Hammond Lakisa.

Say What?

I will defend Surfey:With every breath in my body
My Prankenstein:Love_Child
I'm the guardian of:Crazy_azn_bd_lover
Most Precious Title:Don't have one...DaMan took it
To all beggars:If you want a diss, check your inbox
Attitude around friends:Grumpy
When am I not grumpy?:You tell me
Arch Nemesis:Thanatos5150


A while back, I joined The Larva Family, but things started to go off track, so Affy, Tiggz, Surfey, and myself, got adopted by CrimsonKing.

The God of Anger, CrimsonKing is my Grandpops, The Goddess of Funk, is my Mamita Affy, The Goddess of the Earth, Tiggz, is my Auntie, and The God of Cuteness is Surfey, my little sister.

That's only one of the families i'm in.

Documents of The Nomad Champion:

The Family, the most supreme villainous group in all of Urbanville went under a reconstruction, leaving only the elite villains and evil urbaniacs to run The Family, the top 5 leaders of The Family hired a specific group of villains to run certain Family operated buisnesses, and to carry on the legacy. One of the leaders, CrimsonKing, hired myself as vice president of CK Imports/Exports. After CrimsonKing left The Family, he later on formed his own Vigilante group called 'The KnightHood', and taking his title of Villainous Emeritus with him, also leaving Tiger_Eyes president of CK Imports/Exports.

(Date Unknown)

Once The Family got the rankings up, my status in The Family moved from somewhere around officer to Major General, under the rank of Sacred Apollyon as Leader.


Just recently, GoatFist has returned to The Family, much stronger than before, he has now taken over the reigns and is currently dominating the hero scum.


I return to Urbanville, and regain membership in the Family.


I wake after a long hybernation period, many things have changed since I was last in Urbanville, I do not plan to stay long, gathering my things left behind, ready to wander the land.

Grumpy 24/7

Welcome to the Asylum.

Curious as to what i'm like grumpy? Have a look:

My Dawgs are Rackman, The_Grim_Repah.

My Dawgettes are Affy, Love, Korune, and Tiggz (No perticular order, so no fighting)

My Puplings are crazy_azn_bd_lover, and Surfey.

Noone mess with my Dawgs, or Dawgettes, and especially not my puplings, cause i'll defend the more viciously than a rabid pack of wolves.

I will also defend surfey, so back off before you're six feet under.

I have the true Nomad Soul, with a Villainous Heart, and one heck of a bad temper.

I will NOT buy your tracks, give you money, or join your crew, so quit asking me!

If you want to know more, to bad, only good friends know the lot.

RIP Maggot.