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Junky To Funky

the hammer

armand_hammer figure it out.

proud member of the nomadic tribe -puttin the wanderers back on the map!

most recent thx to Dragus_Loader for sticking it out with me and holding down the fort!

thx to SilverFlame for pushing me up to and over 10000.

thx to Kitty_Lumpkins for 20000+

thx to neck69 for 31000+ (and pointing it out!)

thx to sandggg for 36k+ (and getting me there in the process)

thx to TheThing &Love_Child for 40000+

thx to Jay_Rawker for some great additions

thx to MrPedo for the recent grabs

major thx to the nomadic tribe for sticking together and finding the right home for a really special and rare piece.

thx to _kingz_ for being the awesomest.

thx to kevinkevk for helpin a brother out time and time again.

thx to Green_Goober05 for the friendly competition and all the hook ups!

thx to Dersarend for makin things happen.

thx to Chaos for the trades early in the game.

thx to The_Shadow_Fighter for being patient and making good on his word.

thx to brian21 to hooking me up big time.

thx to superdork for doing the same!

thx to Zoomer_McTraveller for hooking me up time and time again.

thx to patar for the HUGE hookup on the final pieces.

thx to Osmeliio for the awesome hookups.

thx to kill_u for bein on the lookout.


it started with sidekicks, now i'm trying to collect one of everything. only got about
around 50 items to go (not including cribs, crib gear and rides/accessories)

If you've got extra stuff, let me know and I'll check out your trades. You never know what I might find - one man's junk is another man's treasure...

here's what i still need:

man prom dress
man gold prom dress
crew moss female
one hot shirt (f)
evil elephantic
evil lethal
evil lunar
evil tricky
lady lizard boots
urbo lunch box (f)
big wood club
bee bee weapon
sock puppet (f)
lass-ho (f)
ye olde axe (f)
red suit skirt
hot like fire pants
gold arm bands (m)
shocking gauntlets
pirate gauntlets (f)
arm blades
gold arm bands (f)
kitty paws
nice slice
thunder jock
viper missle
butt whoop in a can
aloe plant (one-timer)
ladies camo pants
lady cupid lc
samauri leg gear (f)
zapinator (f)
hockey stick (m & f)
goat face clawette
mood mallet
pms mallet

extra items

you know i collect everything. usually i just want one of everything. sometimes i end up with a few more than one.

here's everything i have an extra of. gram me if you're interested!

Urb Bling
Big bamboo chest plate
Crew grape - f
Game buddy
Gold leg bands - f
Ladies boombox
Lady pimp pants
Lava jammers
Oct 2008 urbowars winner
Sneaky sneakies
Urbo gato
Urbo phaser
Urbotron boots - m
Dope lid
Anger management guards
Breezy cape
Elf mask
Emerald shield
Fly slides
Funk bands
Garnet glow shield
Golden drape
Jell-oh n oyou dnt
Pop n collah mac
Roller skates
The dribbler
Urb shield og
Urbaniacs shield
Guitar hero
Hero t - f
Poodle skirt
Saber thower

winning rhyme

*puts on ear goggles and drops the needle on the 1's and 2's.

I'm using a mutli-stanzatic format
To rhyme all the rhymes that I can that
Tell who I be
One funky u-r-b
With more rhymes than Seuss' cat-in-the-hat

Came across Urbanville online
From watching a web show called 'The Nine'
With host Maria Sansone
Found a place to call home
Playing from '07 to '09

Never bought any otus stink socks
and don't own either new hard rocks
I'm a lone mamma-jamma
With moniker armand_hamma
No relation to the short yellow box

A member of nomadic tribe
This urb you just cannot bribe
I'm collecting sidekicks
And making use of their tricks
In battles do-gooders just can't hide

I'll be homeys with almost anyone
My list is up to page elev-un
No arch enemies in site
But one day I just might
Follow Goat Fist and become a Vill-un

A designer from the state of MD
I spend time in urb daily
Got a wife and a kid
And simply refuse to bid
High prices for items and tps

Now I ask who's with me
To curb this insanity
Some things are amiss
And prices ridiculous
bidding 300k for plus-5 tp

I step down from the soapbox - that's that
And to the others I now tip my hat
If this urb is chosen to win
I'll gladly accept with a grin
A plus-25, but not boost my own stats

"Hammer that sounds dumb I don't follow"
the reason I don't expect you to swallow
The prize goes to the guys
Who feed me supplies
And lessen their own private cash flow

So now you can see
Just what kind of urb that I be
I'm just a nice fellow
With hair color yellow
And I give back to the community

*does hammer dance and trips on baggy pants