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Junky To Funky

... Origins ...

Prior to her adventures in Urbanville, Amiara had a comfortable home and a very stable life.

Goatfist indirectly ruined this happiness by conducting the experiments that led to creation of the Char. A terrified test subject, fleeing for its life, inexplicably exploded into a fireball of mayhem right outside Amiara's abode, setting the house on fire and killing all of her family.

Amiara herself barely escaped the inferno, with extensive third degree burns, including to her face.

Disillusioned with the feeble attempts of the authorities to drive the menace of Goatfist out of Urbanville, she has been unable to rest, dreaming of the day she wreaks her vengance upon the evil scientist.

Pointless Trivia

I eat pizza: flat as flat can be.
I love to smell: with my nose.
I rock Urbaniacs from: Australia.
My arch enemy is: Bad Hair.
My Battle Cry is: Beatniks are groovy!
My favorite action movie is: Aliens.
My favorite food is: Peaches.
My favorite funky power is: Space Out.
My favorite game is: Urbaniacs
My favorite sport is: Indoor soccer
My music style ranges from: Anything with a funky beat.
The greatest battle of all time is: King Kong Vs. Godzilla