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Junky To Funky

Welcome To The Palace of FUNK!

Hey there Hep Cats and Cool Chirps!

You are in the Lair of Afro Chic, The Funk Mistress. Come in and sit a spell.

Here's a little information about me:

When I am not helping Ira (That's Mayor DaMan to you) at City Hall, I'm spending my days being married to Iron Pants and running Funk ALT (The ALTernative to the Mundane). That's right, you are staring into the sunglasses of one of the truest Beatniks on this site. Why am I a Beatnik? Because, we do it better! *winks*

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Please don't feel free to beg or demand things. Those acts are unfunky and as the Funk Mistress, the unfunky is...Well undesired!

If you are noticing a wereboy next to me then you are seeing my sidekick, Preston. He's a rare sidekick. Years ago, I got him because I helped support this site. Together we work out and help convert baddies to the way of the funk...He has his own page. Check him out.

If you are new here, welcome! If you are confused, then you should check out It was created by my Beatnik BFF, Love Child! It gives you the ins and the outs of our fabulous site!

I have to go! You can't stay this funky without participating in daily funky exercises!

Keep it Funky,

Afro Chic
The Mistress of Funk

If you...

If you...

1. Want to ask me for my gear.
2. Want beg me for urbos.
3. Want to beg me for anything.
4. Want to ask me to date you.
5. Want to bug me to buy something from you.
6. Want me to purchase your tps.
7. Want me to give you my tps.
8. Want me to solve a petty argument.
9. Want me to diss someone who I don't know.
10. Want me to give you my pass word.

PLEASE see Surfer_Chick! *smiles*

She's handling all of these requests for me from now on! *giggles*

Have a sun shiny day and welcome to Urbaniacs!!!!!!

Preston's Lair

Sup Playas and Playarettes!

It's your boy, Preston, and I'm here to give you the dilly on what it's like to be the sidekick of the one, the only, Afro Chic.

Yo, it started when I was a young'un chillin' in a store. Next thing I know it, she rolled up on me and they gave me to her. At first, I didn't talk to her. Pfft, all I saw was this chick with mad hair, yo, I was scared...Why did she need all of that hair, what was she hidin' in at afro?!

After an hour, I loved her. She became my Chica.

Now I protect her yo. I protect her in battles/assaults and I used to protect her from the men in Urbanville. I nevah liked any of them and I didn't like Iron when I first met him. He's lucky, yo. He's lucky that he has a cool sidekick. The BSP, a.k.a Porky G, is mad chill and now we all hang up in the same crib.

Now I'm older and hotter but I still look after my Chica so don't ask for me, yo. I only work for her! *growls*

Preston Out!
*flips a backward peace sign*


Just in case you wondered, yes sweetie, you have reached the CEO of SuperTemps. When I'm not helping members like Skull Girl or even Psychadelchick, I'm hanging out in Urbanville, checking out the scenes so that I can place the perfect Temps with the right job.

It's a hard job but I love it. Living between Urbanville and Toronto can be trying, but thanks to the help of my wonderful husband, Iron Pants, I can get by and remain the funky diva that both cities love dearly.

What can I say? I'm a sweetheart. If you don't believe me, did I mention that I have won an award for tolerance in keeping Armageddon out of everyone's hair? Well I did.

Who knew that a woman from Urbanville, USA would own her own company in Toronto? When I first saw Super Temps, I saw that it had potential. Iron talked about it all the time. I saw so many things wrong with it. Using all the money that I make from jobs and endorsements in Urbanville, I purchased enough shares to own Super Temps. Sure, I have partners but they love me and I basically run the company on my own.

What can I say, I'm charming. *winks*

Now I'm using my money and my clout to turn SuperTemp into the #1 Temping Agency!

If you want to see what the current members of Super Temps are doing, stop by! Who knows? You might even catch a glimpse of my funky ideas and changes!

Until then hep cats and crazy chirps...

Keep it Funky,

Afro Chic, CEO of Super Temps