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Junky To Funky

I have returned.

I've been recruiting a few newer members, please be friendly to them. Thank you!
People that have been sent here by me plaase gram me if you need anything at all!


Regarding trading:

I do not accept or send trades unless it's for contests or accepted prizes. I do not sell any of the equipment I posses at all, if grams are sent regarding selling/trading or buying I will ignore them. At the moment I do not issue newbies equipment or money for circumstances. Thanks <3


Regarding Contests:

I have held a few contests over the few years i've been on urb. I do still hold them if anyone is interested, but I am only doing requested contests, not my own.


My song of the week: (Goes to youtube)

About me.

Howdy, I guess your here because you want to get to know me? Well heres a few things you might want to know:

My name is Jodie, i'm 14 and glad to help anyone in need, though i do not give out free gear or urbos, i do that usually in contests or submissions. I live in England, i can speak English, Spainish and French. Any questions please ask!

Things I would love to do:

Learn violin
Learn to Swim
Go Diving.

My theme song:


Twin Visables:Lilo and Lailo
Mood Elf:Lavio

Please read!

I know i'm being hiatus and stuff, but to past the time I have free I would love people to request songs that they would like me to do lyric videos for. I will do them free of charge as I love you all, and will link them via gram, share if you wish.

Please mainly English songs as it will be easier, and also songs that are not marked as copy right (For Example: MJB has been marked, so I wouldn't be able to do her songs)

Thank ye!


As I have English exam's coming up i'm also doing novel's to past the time, feel free to send ideas as my imaginations limited LOL. Anywho, yeah thats what i'll mainly be doing.